2 reviews for ‘The Ruffian’ Liqueur Muscat NV

  1. Simone Mutton

    If you know Muscat, you’ll know this is a good one! I’m never without a bottle in the rack and it’s my go to gift idea for Dad who can’t get enough of this refined drop of happiness!

  2. Caitlin

    Sweet, sticky, scrumptious. Lovely with dessert or cheese platter. The perfect night cap.

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Vintage NV
Winemaker's Notes This wine is made from 100% Brown Muscat which a small berry variety for a Muscat. The grapes are harvested at peak ripeness and fortified to give an aromatic spirit lift. The wine then spends up to eight years quietly sleeping in small and old oak casks awaiting the wake-up call for bottling. This time in oak allows the wine to reduce to a viscous liqueur due to the evaporation which occurs in barrels, it is also during this process that the wine deepens in colour from a light white wine at the start to a rich bright walnut colour over the years.
Drink Whenever you’re ready.
Bouquet Fragrantly spiced; Youthful floral and rose petals; Aromas of ripe raisins; Earthy spirit lift
Palate ‘Nectar’; Rich raisin character; High viscosity; Smooth texture; Great lingering length which is balanced with clean acidity and aromatic spirit; Soft, lifted and long lasting aftertaste
Food Match The luscious feeling in the mouth of this rich delicacy begs for crème caramel or a cracking crème brûlée....and an arm chair. Alternatively enjoy it as the Yin to the Yang of vintage Cheddar, a pungent wash rind and biting blue.