Australia’s Oldest Wine Family

At Hugh Hamilton Wines, our history, people, vineyards, and values are the foundation of everything we do. They shape our wines and define our approach, weaving a story that’s rich in character and filled with personality. As you explore our roots and discover the passion behind each bottle, you’ll find more than just wine; you’ll uncover a family’s legacy, an enduring love for the land, and a tradition that resonates in every sip. Join us as we share our journey, a journey that is as unique and flavorful as our wines themselves.

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Our History

From Richard Hamilton, the adventurous smuggler who planted the first grapes in South Australia, to Mary, the first woman to run the Hamilton wine business, our story spans six generations. It’s a tale of a relentless spirit, pioneering winemaking, and a love for the land that’s in our very roots. With each generation, the Hamilton legacy has grown, weaving new chapters of flavor, innovation, and tradition.

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Our People

At the heart of Hugh Hamilton Wines is a team dedicated to crafting the finest wines. Our employees, from the vineyard to the tasting room, share a common vision – a respect for the land, a passion for creativity, and a down-to-earth approach that comes through in every glass. Together, we’re not just making wine; we’re creating an experience, a connection to our heritage, and a taste that’s genuinely Hugh Hamilton.

Our Vineyards

Nestled in the picturesque McLaren Vale, our vineyards are where our story comes to life. From the robust Shiraz of the Cellar Vineyard to the ancient elegance of the Black Sheep Vineyard, each terrain brings a unique flavor and character to our wines. It’s a journey through distinctive lands, uncovering the living embodiment of our family’s tradition and innovation. Each vineyard, each grape, is a vital chapter in our winemaking story.

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Our Values

We’re proud Black Sheep at Hugh Hamilton Wines, always thinking and thriving outside the box. Our values drive us, fuel our creativity, and shape our approach to winemaking. Being real, decent, and dependable; fired up with purpose; and conscious of compassion and care – these aren’t just words to us. They’re the very core of who we are. It’s how we create not only wine but an expression of our family’s unique heritage and love for winemaking.

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