The Mongrel

Sangiovese 2022

It all seems so simple, after all it used to sit on red chequered table cloths, a bottle in a basket, right next to the powdered parmesan in a shaker. Somewhere along the way though Sangiovese didn’t so much reinvent as rediscover itself – immensely pleasurable, light on its feet but also assertive in its own particular way. Uniquely challenging to make well, this is a complex simple pleasure.

⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ My favourite HH wine – so light and easy to drink, even in the summer. Love it! - Antonia

Winemaker's Notes

Sangiovese is enigmatic to the point of being problematic. It will not be pushed in a direction that it doesn’t want to go. I got a whole lot better at working with it when I realised that what I want matters very little to this grape. Sangiovese is unlike any other wine we make and while it has taken time to find a way to make it really express itself, I think now our Sangiovese is living its best life.

Bouquet & Palate

A whole basket of ripe raspberries, strawberries, and red cherries. Crushed fennel fronds. Fresh, light spiced, and bright. A succulent palate with an emery bite. High vibrance slush of lush harvest ready berries; red, black, and blue. Lingering.

Food Match

A fresh fiasco of Sangiovese almost demands Italian – perhaps garlic butter pasta with a rose sauce?