The Madam

Members Only Sparkling Shiraz Methodé Traditionnelle 2020

We don’t make much of this wine. That’s why it’s a Black Sheep Club exclusive.

This is a mysterious Madam for whom so many swoon. She is a mistress of stormy nights, and skies black, red, and turbulent. This excellent and most exclusive Shiraz sparkles with fine character, a proper methodé traditionelle, this is a pleasure worth waiting for and always one to savour.

Winemaker's Notes

Sparkling Red is a curiously Australian invention, further testament to our fearless try-it-and-see attitude. Made in the same way as Champagne is traditionally produced we have pulled out all the stops here – secondary fermentation in bottle, time on lees, riddling and disgorgement, and finally tirage. If these strange words mean nothing to you,
have no fear, it’s delicious Shiraz, just with bubbles in it; enjoy!

Food Match

Remarkably robust, the Madam will consort readily with many dishes – try Roast Peking Duck, or a roast mushroom hoisin noodle bowl.