The Dark Arts Sampler

The Dark Arts Sampler

Sample the ‘Dark Arts’ range – strange and unique blends of wine varietals that shouldn’t work – but do!

Four full-sized bottles shipped anywhere in Australia!

1 x ‘Aroma Pagoda’ Grillo Riesling Frontignac 2023
1 x‘Three Card Monte’ Shiraz Cabernet Montepulciano 2018 – BACK VINTAGE RELEASE
1 x ‘Agent Provocateur’ Grenache Frontignac Malbec Viognier 2023
1 x ‘Loose Lips IV’ Malbec Grenache Pinot Gris Frontignac Gewurztraminer Viognier NV

Each pack includes:

Tasting Notes For Each Wine
Decoding Guide For The Labels

All wines are full size 750ml bottles