Loose Lips IV

Malbec Grenache Pinot Gris Frontignac Gewürztraminer Viognier NV

63% Malbec | 21% Grenache | 6% Pinot Gris | 4% Frontignac| 3% Gewurztraminer | 3% Viognier

Shhhh, I know how this looks but it isn’t an accident. Mary and I have a knack of getting excited about creating new things; sometimes we need to be very quiet about a project until it gets too late for it to be shut down by more level heads.

Vegan friendly

Winemaker's Notes

Sometimes strange things just work – like the wild combo of peanut butter, banana, and bacon that makes the Elvis Sandwich. Unexpected certainly but proven fit for a king. This blend is about enjoying great flavour wherever you find it. Deeply bizarre and unusually delicious.

Bouquet & Palate

A fully feral, lip-sticked, lip smacking, truck-stop ballerina. Big, gummy, glowing lift of raspberry and cherry-berry fruit. Layers of hard-to-place flavours please nonetheless. Peach stones, torn strawberries, smooshed raspberries. Licks of tar underlie streets of sweet fruit. A blunderbuss of delicious nonsense.

Food Match

More an aperitif than a main course, sip solo or with hors d’oeuvres such as rocket crostini or maple-caramelised figs topped with smoky bacon.