Jekyll & Hyde

90% Shiraz | 10% Viognier

If you are a wine geek, you know of ‘co-fermentation’; a process in which two varieties (in this case, red Shiraz and white Viognier) are picked on the same day and blended at the crusher. This produces a result quite different to blending ‘finished’ red and white wines. The tannin and fragrance of the small amount of Viognier are amplified by the process, and the resultant wine is more fragrant and shows greater depth and even-ness of tannin structure than we’d otherwise see. (We swiped the idea from the French.)

Vegan friendly

Winemaker's Notes

This is a wine that is both complex and paradoxical. Dark plus light equals even darker. In this case our red Shiraz when co-fermented with the white variety Viognier creates something quite different to either – darker, richer, and more intense – this transfiguration transcends expectation. A bi-polar wine which will hold your interest with a harmonious coalescence of flavours. The question now is which variety is Dr Jekyll and which Mr Hyde?

Bouquet & Palate

Lifts like a bouquet of flowers being gently but insistently pushed into your face, smudging your senses with florals. Violets, vanilla, pink rose, camomile and apple blossom. A wonderfully soft palate, all petals and no thorns. Lighter red fruits carry the florals on through the palate, raspberry and wine gums. Inflections of lighter spices, cinnamon and cardamon. The finish vanilla and lingering.

Food Match

Spiced slow roast lamb, mushroom beet risotto as a side or a mains.