Jekyll & Hyde

Shiraz Viognier 2022

This is a wine that is both complex and paradoxical. Dark plus light equals even darker. In this case our red Shiraz when co-fermented with the white variety Viognier creates something quite different to either – darker, richer, and more intense – this transfiguration transcends expectation. A bi-polar wine which will hold your interest with a harmonious coalescence of flavours. The question now is which variety is Dr Jekyll and which Mr Hyde?

Vegan friendly

Winemaker's Notes

There aren’t many occasions where adding a lighter colour leads to one which is darker, however the Jekyll is just that kind of paradox. By co-fermenting the two varieties the Viognier skins help form more stable complexes, and thereby a darker colour. There are other changes too that modulate and intensify flavour; all part of the strange case that is Jekyll and Hyde.

Bouquet & Palate

Strawberry laden thunder rolls overhead; a fresh-baked pie filled with cherries and apples steams on a windowsill; the dense scent of pastry crust thick in the air. Fragrant whorls of red fruit, cranberry, black pepper, bubblegum, rosehips, and slate. The palate plays hide-and-seek, savoury to sweet. Tannins taut. Alive and lithe. Leather slap, cherry smack. A whip crack whack of smart fruit.

Food Match

Spiced slow roast lamb, mushroom beet risotto as a side or a mains.