GA-LOR-IA! Frizzante

Sangiovese Grenache 2023

50% Sangiovese | 50% Grenache

GA-LOR-IA! overflows with crisp frizzante fun. A light bubbly rush that’s sure to cause smiles. Perfect for a pre-dinner drink with bite sized morsels, or lazy afternoons on a picnic rug. Enjoy the lip-smacking satisfaction of our all-singing, all-dancing GA-LOR-IA!

Winemaker's Notes

It wasn’t too long after pressing that I knew which wines must go together to make this blend, but it would be another six months and many trials later to realise I was missing the key ingredient – bubbles! A light splash of gas to pep up the palate gives this wine an essential rush of playfulness, celebrating all three base wines in a fruit filled frizzante smack of fun.

Food Match

Built to build appetite, mix Ga-lor-ia! with all types of aperitif, or simply match with a picnic rug and good company!