Black Blood III

Black Sheep Vineyard Shiraz 2021

Three truly unique Shiraz wines where everything has been kept as consistent as possible, picking dates, winemaking approach, oak regime and maturation. The only thing that is different is the terroir each wine comes from.

Black Sheep Vineyard – Sourced entirely from Block 4 at our Black Sheep Vineyard the incredible lift of this wine is in part due to the deep sand in which these vines have thrived since 1935. These old, gnarly, and twisted grape trees look nothing at all like the pretty, delicate florals, in the wine they produce.

Vegan friendly

Winemaker's Notes

There are years where this ‘Ballet Dancer’ is a bit of a ‘Prima Donna’ the price of poise and elegance is an incredible level of viticultural diligence, patience, and luck. Here the performance is not only flawless but appears effortless

Bouquet & Palate

Fine leather and savoury spice loll among brighter primary fruits; cherry stone, cranberry, blackberry. Tight with black tea leaves packed right in the chest. Violets. Bath salts and lamb fat. Fresh turned earth. Palate is punchy. Packing a fine line of tannin just waiting to resolve.

Food Match

This perfume loves spice - Try seared 5 Spice duck breast, or slow roast the whole.