Aroma Pagoda

Grillo Riesling Frontignac 2023 - NEW VINTAGE & BLEND

45% Grillo | 35% Riesling | 20% Frontignac

Evocative and elegant, a Pagoda is a multi-tiered tower, often with a high degree of ornamentation. Our Aroma Pagoda is much the same – layers of exotic aromatics, structured yet elegant, a temple to flavour

Vegan friendly

Winemaker's Notes

This brief is the best I get – go out and find flavour, then blend as much of it as possible into a single wine that can showcase the strengths of all sources. It’s every bit as fun to make as it is to drink.

Bouquet & Palate

Lemon curd and herbs corralled by camomile and honey. Peach fuzz, pear, almond, and apricot. A titch of eucalyptus scents fresh-linen; hanging to dry under
blue skies. Thyme. Passionfruit palate cracks seeds between the teeth. Teasingly textured – present but pleasant.

Food Match

It’s difficult to get better than a Chicken Pho – layers of flavours on layers of flavours.