Agent Provocateur

Grenache Frontignac Malbec Viognier 2023 - NEW VINTAGE & BLEND

55% Grenache | 21% Frontignac | 18% Malbec | 6% Viognier

An ‘agent provocateur’ provokes others into illegal acts! A fitting name for this intriguing rule breaker that defies all winemaking conventions. Not a red wine, nor a white, nor a rosé. Its appearance suggests a light red, yet it is jam packed with aromatic white fruits, along with lashings of plumpy raspberry Grenache. Chill it down for refreshment or drink at room temperature – there are no rules here.

🏆 90 points - Halliday Wine Companion

⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ Looooooove the Agent Provocateur, I have found this to be perfect for every occasion so far. - Rafaela

Winemaker's Notes

Primary colours are blended to make an array of many other colours. When we lay out the parts of Agent Provocateur the strong character of each base wine is like a primary colour – there’s something very special about the various shades of flavour that come to light when we blend these parts.

Bouquet & Palate

An overt provocateur smoulders out of the glass – great wafts of steamy raspberry and blackberry. A fog of florals, bay, and pomegranate. Hickory barbecue, clove, and bathsalt bubblegum. For all the glass-side plume the palate is feather-light. Bright, beautiful, and ever-elegant.

Food Match

Tea Smoked Duck with plum sauce, or Mixed mushroom 5-spice steamed buns.