1837 Bloodline Pedro Ximenez

It starts with a Black Sheep.

Over 185 years ago Hugh’s great great grandfather Richard Hamilton was an honourable tailor on the high streets of Dover but by the light of the moon, Richard was smuggling contraband Bordeaux across the English Channel.

Richard, his wife Ann and eight of their children left England in 1837 for the emerging colony of South Australia.

When they arrived Richard noticed something was missing in the colony, wine! He sent an SOS to friends in South Africa who sent out grape vine cuttings dipped in wax to preserve their freshness. Richard Hamilton was the first person to plant vines in South Australia, unwittingly starting an industry South Australia is now world famous for.

His first three varietals Grenache, Shiraz and Pedro Ximenez.

Winemaker's Notes

Voluptuous, intense, and sustained, the Pedro is a masterpiece made possible only by time and patience; so long in fact that the wine has long ago outlived the vineyard that made it. If given the chance it will outlive all of us as well. Over many years the original base has been over-blended multiple times, with lengthy periods of rest between, building phenomenal depth of flavour and viscosity. The cumulative effect of many years of slow evaporation has concentrated and enhanced the character. A fitting respect for its rarity is achieved at the end of the bottle as you try to extract every last drop, knowing that there isn't any more where this came from.

Bouquet & Palate

Massive ‘rancio’ lift, nutty and caramel notes, and subtle ‘cold tea’ aromatics; All of which follow through to the voluptuous palate, rich, honeyed, and layered. An incredible lingering finish, leaning more toward savoury than simply sweet.

Food Match

High cocoa, fine praline chocolate. If the wine alone satisfies your sweet tooth then cheese and toasted hazelnuts would also match beautifully.