Mary’s Top Wine Tips

Hi there, it’s Mary!

I know you won’t need any help drinking your wine but I do have some great wine tips to help you with storingpouring, and enjoying your new wine to the max!

I’ve filmed a video for you sharing my favourite tips!

THINK LIKE GOLDILOCKS – Whites not too cold, reds not too warm – serve your wine at temperatures that are just right.

STYLE & SUBSTANCE – Get some decent glasses with a good sized bowl, a taper at the top and a fine rim, the wine will taste better and you will get more from it.

BE A SQUIRREL – Tuck your stash somewhere safe and store your wines where it’s cool, dark, consistent in temperature with little vibration.

THE EYES HAVE IT – Look at the colour of your wine with a piece of white paper and ask yourself what it’s telling you (age, variety, body) .

THE NOSE KNOWS – Use that good glass you have to swirl the wine and stick your nose right in for a decent sniff – ask yourself to come up with 2-3 smells (use your memory from things around your kitchen, garden, green grocer, florist).

GET SLURPY – When you take a sip get a reasonable amount and slurp it across your mouth to release the flavours, ask yourself to come up with 2-3 flavours from everyday life (a ripe Pink Lady apple, mushroom, liquorice, black olive, meat juice, vanilla pod) .

FEEL YOUR WAY – Enjoy the senses of touch and check in with yourself how your wine feels, is it creamy like custard, rough like sandpaper, zippy like citrus? Is it dense, heavy or fine? Texture is one of the best parts of the wine tasting experience.

IT’S NOT YOUR FAULT – even the best wines can have a fault like cork taint and it pays to be able to spot that wet dog smell & aroma, if you’re in a restaurant ask the wine waiter to check it.

THE WRITE STUFF – Grab a Hugh Hamilton Wines journal at the cellar door and start making a note or two on each wine you open, it will turbo charge your learning.

BE CURIOUS – Wine is endlessly fascinating, it’s capable of reflecting an immense range of smells, flavours and textures and every vintage is different. It’s the most pleasurable uni course you’ll ever do!