'The Nimble King' Tasting Notes


Vintage 2018
Winemaker's Notes Not so long ago Block 3 at Black Sheep vineyard was anything but noble. Originally set up to a commercially pragmatic, but low quality producing, twin tier trellis it was also riddled with dead wood and non-producing vines as the effects of age crept in. The vineyard was a wreck but fortunately the foundations were solid. Our vineyard team took to it with chainsaws, reducing the vines to stumps. In time the stumps shot out fresh shoots, mostly, and we re-established the trellis with a focus on high quality. The work has proven worth it. Beautiful 48 year old vines in the perfect position to make terrific Blewitt Springs Cabernet.
Drink 2-8 years.
Bouquet Instantly varietal. Thyme and iodine. A Pink Lady straying into a thicket of blackberry.
Palate Black tea leaves, rosehip, tar and demerara sugar layer through the palate. Textured like the denim of your soon-to-be-favorite jeans. Conveying the taut thigh flex of a tight pirouette. Supple muscle, poise and perfume
Food Match Mushroom-Quinoa Burgers with Rosemary Mayo, or fillet steak smothered in mushroom sauce.
Analysis TA: 6.3 g/L, pH: 3.67, ALC: 14.6%