2 reviews for ‘The Drama Queen’ Methodé Traditionelle 2013

  1. Danette Lee-Sapwell

    I love a bit f Drama in my life, this drop is both refreshing and sophisticated at the same time. Great for the opening drink of a dinner party or just sitting back and enjoying the sunset.

  2. Rob Horan

    Lovely, drinkable, thinkable if you want it. Surprising colour, well balanced. And when you have a kid who wants to be the centre of attention, it’s a great present for her teacher come the end of the school year!

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Vintage 2013
Region Victoria, South Australia, Tasmania
Drink This DQ is no fake. She’s a right and proper méthode traditionelle sparkling that can kick her heels up with even the best of her French friends whilst she’s in her youth. And you’ll be able to bring her to the party in all her splendid maturity over the coming years.
Bouquet The addition of dosage liqueur of aged Shiraz at disgorging, her perfume reminds us of rose petals and crushed strawberry and with some time spent on lees, the nose displays a hint of brioche.
Palate Balanced with a creamy texture.
Food Match Every occasion is worthy of a little drama! The Drama Queen loves a cocktail party or any other celebratory event, like waking up in the morning. Hey, who needs food when you’re celebrating?
Analysis ALC: 12.0%