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1x 2016 'The Oddball' Saperavi

1x 2018 'The Moocher' Mourvèdre

1x 2018 'Three-Card Monte' Shiraz Cabernet Montepulciano

1x 2018 'Black Ops' Shiraz Saperavi

1x 2017 'The Rascal' Shiraz

1x 2017 'The Villain' Cabernet Sauvignon

1x 2019 'The Mongrel' Sangiovese

1x 2019 'Agent Provocateur'

1x NV 'The Ruffian' Liqueur Muscat

1x 'Hugh's Mixed Up' Shiraz Cordial

1x 'Black Sheep Beanie'

1x 'Microfibre Polishing Cloth'

1x 'Pam's Peacemaker' Olives

1x 'Hugh Hamilton Playing Cards'