Shearers Cut 2022 Pre-Order

$25 deposit on pre orders

Shearer’s Cut’ is made from grapes hand-harvested by our members at ‘Shearing the Vines’ – our annual vintage event.

The ‘Black Sheep’ Vineyard, located in Blewitt Springs, has sandy & alluvial loam soil. The site is verdant, with a previous life as an orchard a reflection of its suitability for agriculture. The key is to keep things in balance, and being a wetter and cooler site than our other vineyards reduces the need to water and a later harvest date. It also means it produces wine with unique flavour and structure, a true expression of its terror.

Pre-Order now and secure the fruits of you – our Black Sheep Club members labour!

*$25 deposit is required to secure your Shearers Cut with the remaining balance due upon release later this year. Price per bottle will be $36.