Oddball The Great

Historical figures of significance and stature have sometimes had their names appended with the phrase “the Great’. This is a commanding wine of depth and power that is available only in miniscule quantities in great years. Oddball the Great will be great drinking well into the future.

Saperavi finds its origins over 8000 years ago in Georgia, the cradle of human winemaking. The text book would no doubt say “don’t plant it”.
However, I’m listening to the grapes.

Vegan friendly

Winemaker's Notes

The world’s oldest winemaking grape, Saperavi, contains all of the majesty and power you would expect for it to have survived for so many millennia. Intensely coloured, even the word Saperavi means ‘dye’ in its Eastern European homeland. The moonless-midnight tint is just the first hint of the amazing depth of flavour this wine carries – truly something Great!

Bouquet & Palate

So plush it smells like velvet looks. Dense plumes of dark fruit engulf as they unfold. Leather, pennies, blood and tar. Pomegranate mollases, earthy beets, split timber, piecrust, char, and burnt sugar. There’s a savoury finish to the sweet fruit palate – the texture salivating. Coffee grounds, black olives, and wet earth.

Food Match

This is not a wine built for fish or fine white sauces, lift your game with game, foraged mushrooms and butter; lots of butter.