Black Sheep Whites & Lights Six Pack

This seasons Black Sheep Club whites and lights 6 pack has been carefully curated by Mary to make sure you are receiving some new releases, wines drinking perfectly now and a few special wines.

Your Black Sheep Club packs are the best way to make sure you are getting the best value and best wines.

1x 2023 ‘The Trickster’ Pinot Grigio
1x 2022 ‘The Scallywag’ Chardonnay
1x 2022 ‘The Floozie’ Sangiovese Rose
1x 2021 ‘The Mongrel’ Sangiovese
1x 2022 ‘Agent Provocateur’ Grenache Frontignac Touriga Gewurztraminer
1x 2022 ‘Cinderella’ Members Only Premium Chardonnay