Black Sheep Whites & Lights Six Pack

This seasons Black Sheep Club whites and lights 6 pack has been carefully curated by Mary to make sure you are receiving some new releases, wines drinking perfectly now and a few special wines.

Your Black Sheep Club packs are the best way to make sure you are getting the best value and best wines.

1 x 2023 ‘The Trickster’ Pinot Grigio
1 x 2022 ‘The Scallywag’ Chardonnay
1 x 2022 ‘The Mongrel’ Sangiovese
1 x 2023 ‘Aroma Pagoda’ Grillo Riesling Frontignac
1 x 2023 ‘Agent Provocateur’ Grenache Frontignac Malbec Viognier
1 x 2023 ‘GA-LOR-IA!’ Sangiovese Grenache Frizzante